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These projects range from brand identity and logo design to packaging and publication layout and design.

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Graphic Design Creative

The Geometric Fox is a graphic design creative specializing in, but not limited to printed media, logo and brand identity, packaging, web and social media assets, and light illustrations. 

The proverbial door is open (no need to check for traps) to collaborate and work with new clients, primarily in the tabletop, RPG, and card game community. 


In 2017 while attending the 50th anniversary of Gen Con, a four-day long gaming convention I met a man who was pitching his card game. The contents for his game consisted of hand-cut cards printed on cover stock, an iPad box used for the container with the print outs of the packaging design adhered to the sides and top of the box. This was the cost-efficient prototype he was using to pitch his game to publishers. It was great! But, it needed some fine-tuning from a designer to bring the game to the next level.

That was the moment I found my creative calling. To work within the tabletop game industry with creators to elevate their game systems. 

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